Neuropsychology is the branch of psychology that deals with brain-behavior relationships.

Dr. Selden performs comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations that assess cognition and
emotional functioning, as well as more focused psychological evaluations exploring emotions
and personality. She also provides consultation, psychoeducation, and therapy for individuals
and families adjusting to many neuropsychiatric conditions.

A neuropsychological evaluation involves comprehensive assessment of a child or adult's
brain function by testing a wide spectrum of cognitive domains and emotional status:

  • attention
  • learning and memory
  • visuo-spatial perception
  • language
  • sensory and motor skills
  • problem-solving
  • reasoning and judgment
  • behavioral symptoms
  • emotions and personality
  • intelligence
  • academic achievement

Neuropsychological evaluation examines an individual’s performance on a battery of
standardized tests compared against performance of others in the same age range. Test
results are used in combination with other diagnostic tests (e.g. brain MRI, blood work, etc.) to
diagnose and determine the consequences of brain disorders and developmental syndromes.

Dr. Selden integrates the data that are obtained from the evaluation with information about
how the individual is functioning at home, at work, at school, and in social settings. Dr. Selden
creates a report that details the individual's strengths and weaknesses and offers a variety of
recommendations that are likely to improve the individual's functioning. This report is valuable
in managing many of the individual's liabilities, serving as the basis for clinical treatment and
decision-making, guiding academic and occupational accommodations, and informing legal
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