Jennifer Selden, Ph.D.
psychological and neuropsychological evaluations across the lifespan
Concerns are mounting about the aging population and driving. Families often turn to primary care
physicians or the DMV for guidance. However, neither physicians nor the DMV have specialized training
in the cognitive faculties necessary to drive safely. Dr. Selden is able to utilize her expertise, as well as
cutting-edge technology, to help families make sensitive--yet very important--decisions about driving for
loved ones who may be at-risk for unsafe driving.

A driving evaluation takes place in the comfort of the office across a 1-2 hour period. Patients are
permitted to practice so that their optimal performance is captured during the exam. They are compared
against safe drivers in their age group to allow for a fair comparison.

Using scientifically-validated technology to evaluate an at-risk driver, Dr. Selden generates data, laid out
in an easy to understand format, that supports the decision for a driver to continue driving, to drive with
modifications, or to relinquish driving. She then helps patients and their families access community
resources to maintain mobility, if appropriate.

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Driving Evaluations
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