About Dr. Selden
Dr. Jennifer Selden graduated from Duke University with a bachelor's
degree in psychology, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in neuroscience.
She then earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from
Southeastern University in South Florida. While at Nova, she pursued a
specialization in clinical neuropsychology. To complete her doctoral
requirements, Dr. Selden moved to Connecticut and completed a clinical
internship, with a strong focus on clinical neuropsychology, at the VA
Healthcare System in West Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Selden subsequently
completed a two-year, post-doctoral fellowship for specialty training in
clinical neuropsychology at the
Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital.

Over the years, Dr. Selden has amassed experience with diverse patient
populations, including those with ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger's
Syndrome, and other developmental disorders; those with acquired brain
injury, including traumatic brain injuries and concussions; those with
neurological disease, including Parkinson's disease, stroke, MS, epilepsy,
and dementia; and those with psychiatric disorders, including depression
and anxiety. Dr. Selden provides neuropsychological diagnostic consultation
for clients referred by neurologists and other physicians, mental health
providers, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and educators, and attorneys.
She is an adjunct instructor at the University of Hartford's Graduate Institute
for Professional Psychology. She also is serving as co-secretary of the
Connecticut Neuropsychological Society.
Jennifer Selden, Ph.D.
 psychological and neuropsychological evaluations across the lifespan
495 Gold Star Hwy, Suite 200         Groton, Connecticut 06340        (860) 449-0299